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Welcome to the XUL Solutions blog. This blog has the intention of documenting and publicizing much of my findings as a XUL developer, as I've gone through great pains to find much of this knowledge.
I'm a XUL developer working at Glaxstar, a company responsible for very important Firefox extensions such as del.icio.us, Paypal, Zoep, OwnArea and the Joga Companion. I'm rather new to the company, so I've had little to do with those products, but I've had my share of development in Firefox extensions, and I have learned a whole lot along the way.
The first thing I've learned is that finding answers to XUL problems online is like finding a needle in a haystack, blindfolded, while free falling from a jetliner. This comes as no surprise as this is a relatively new development technology, and open source is not exactly famous for its copious documentation. I guess everybody's too busy developing... but that's a little hypocritical, because I could very well be helping on that. Maybe some day I will.
You don't have to take my word on this. Here's a list of the different ways you can get answers to your XUL problems:
I'll start posting some of the XUL knowledge I've acquired and I feel is not properly documented elsewhere. It's plenty. I think I have material for at least 10 initial posts. More will definitely come as I become more experienced on this platform and produce more software for Glaxstar and the world. But if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment here. I can't guarantee to know the answer, but every question is valuable, and most will merit new posts on this blog. Hopefully I will make life easier to many of you extension and XUL application developers.
And now... the solutions.

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You can help making MDC better. You have several excellent, both comprehensive and well-written, articles on this blog.
They'll be easier to find on the MDC site (I only learned about this site because of your comment on sheppy's blog).
The articles will (likely) also be peer-reviewed when posted there leading to higher quality tips.
Thank you! That's very encouraging.
Part of the reason I commented on Sheppy's blog was to bring this to his attention. If any of these articles is worthy of being published elsewhere, then please go right ahead and copy them and modify them as you please. I would appreciate it if you comment on the copied entries, so people know where to find a more "official" solution.
There are various reasons I chose this channel, though. 1) Creative freedom, 2) Better indexing on Google (I have a hard time finding stuff on MDC, even though I know it's a great resource) and 3) it doesn't hurt much to be redundant.
You can contact me at <my first name> at glaxstar.com, if you wish to continue this conversation. Same goes for sheppy, if he's reading this.
Oh, while I'm commenting on old posts, do you know the newsgroups are available on google groups and are also accessible/archived as mailing lists?
Yes, it's mentioned here on the post, but I guess they're more active than I thought. Still, not my favorite way to find info.
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